Ms Lucy Tutoring is based in West Seattle. I provide tutoring for the following subjects and have extensive experience tutoring middle school and high school students. In addition, I have been inspiring and mentoring young people in education for over a decade.

Subjects of expertise:

  • Algebra I, II
  • Geometry
  • Chemistry
  • SAT, ACT and SBA Prep

I am passionate about helping young people to succeed. Most of my students have improved by at least one letter grade. Here are some comments from West Seattle students over the past year:

  • Her grade went from a D to a C. Much better!!!…Your are a gift to work with and will keep you in mind for future classes!”
  • “I was able to submit the assessment successfully, thank you for your help. Fingers crossed I get accepted into the program! I’d love to work with you again!”
  • “Thank goodness he’s working with you. Otherwise this year would be a total loss…. I really think the only reason he is getting better is what you are doing with him… I think he’s feeling more hopeful and confident and I know we are!”
  • “ My daughter was so excited when she got home-really felt connected with you and felt that the way you laid things out is really going to help her”
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